Reigniting the American Spirit


Join our transformative journey in the 3-part video series, Reigniting the American Spirit: Living Free. Challenge the traditional Left-Right paradigm and explore a narrative centered on unity and the reclamation of our rights. 

This is a robust and thought-provoking commUNITY that is fearlessly in pursuit of rediscovering our inherent freedom. Engaging daily in insightful discussions and delving into counterintuitive concepts for a collective awakening.

In a world filled with complexities and misinformation, gaining knowledge is the key to breaking free from the illusions that surround us. 

The journey toward true freedom begins with comprehending how we got here through the intricacies of our current administrative system.

We're embracing the call to STAND on the edge of this precipice.  

You're not alone on this journey. A commUNITY of We The People awaits, dedicated to educating and assisting individuals just like yourself. 

Together, we aim to lawfully guide you through the process of disentangling from contracts that may have been initiated through deception, fraud, or a lack of full disclosure.

In our community you will have access to the following:

  • A 3-part video presentation, Reigniting the American Spirit: Living Freeaddressing what has happened to our nation and what we can do to return to a republic as our founders intended.
  • A collection of presentations on each of the Foundational Papers: the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the united States Constitution, and the Northwest Ordinance.
  • Your Standing in Law for beginners: Five lessons on how to defend your rights as living men and women. 
  • It's All About Trust for beginners: Everyday we create trusts by our signature and we don't even know it. 

Available within our commUNITY you'll also find:

  • Freedom Through Equity subscription.
    This is a Swiss Army knife of honorable offenses and defenses to succeed in the private and public. From debt discharge with equity to securing your earthly estate in equity.
  • Living as a Lawful Non-Taxpayer Course. 
    Learn how our system of personal income tax is voluntary through examining the congressional record, supreme court cases, and meet others just like you living as a lawful non-taxpayer while remaining in honor with the IRS.

We The People can restore our republic!